Monday, March 9, 2009

Oddshots Monday > Surprise!

The photo is not quite so odd as the event. I checked the forecast online before bed last night and it's supposed to be nice all week, lots of sun icons across the span of days. Ha! Fooled again. The pedestrian at the edge of the frame was mumbling under her breath. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying but I think it might've been something about the weatherman's heritage. For the record, Ye Olde Farmer's Almanac predicts a snowy March for the Gulf Islands this year. So far...right on.

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Catherine said...

Wheathermen aren't reliable wherever we live, so.
It gives you the opportunity to make a good shot, nevertheless.
Now, if you wanted to save this little plant from freezing, it's too late for her.

I like you focalized on it, and the background is blurry as the weather.

Daryl said...


Anonymous said...

Not to worry - if you make a model you can forecast the next fifty years.

Virginia said...

The year we spent in Wisconsin hip deep in snow for 6 months, our two year old picked up on some expletives pertaining to snowfall and that's when we decided to move south!HA It certainly tests ones sanity.

SundaySoup said...

What I was mumbling is not fit for print here on the blog. That's because not only was I dragging the recycles down to the curb (where they are undoubtedly now buried since the truck never came), but after that I had to dig out the woodpile! Spring! Where are you???

-Mrs. Snapper

allhorsestuff said...

Me mumbling too!
I LOVED seeing this...really nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that little plant looks a little sad! Nice chilly picture.

Joy said...

I love this shot. There's something romantic, nostalgic about it.

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Hilda said...

Maybe your weathermen should just look at that farmers' almanac!

Marie-Noyale said...

I don't see any buds in that plant yet!!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I think the weather pixie is having a laugh this year. Hunting images for the Spring collection and finally got snow. It's a cute optimistic image.

Virginia said...

Mrs. Snap,
I have to inquire as to the whereabouts of Mr. Snap during all this work in the snow? HAA Surely he wasn't sitting inside editing photos on the computer!!! That year in Wisconsin I added a few new words to my vocabulary too!

SundaySoup said...

Virginia, I knew that wouldn't get by a southerner - the fact that I was doing the work while he was tucked up in the warm house! Visit my blog to find out why:

Mrs. Snapper

Vivian aka Deborah said...

what I love about this shot is the out-of-focus background. It makes the pot in the foreground stand out as special.