Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tina's Hand

Tina's talent is pretty much boundless. Great singer, great musician. Oh yeah, great actress too (you should hear her Brooklyn accent). She's also a delight to work with. Check her out here

Number 28 in the Musician's Hands series


Yoork said...

Love it! I used to play the trumpet. Once upon a time.

Saretta said...

Nice b&w portrait!

Virginia said...

Oh good. More musicians' hands!!!!! Love this shot. WOW. Sorry I've not been around but I just went down for a look and there are too many fantastic ones to even start commenting on. YOu just get better and better Snap. I'm a POW in Paris trying to fly home on a buddy pass. I will try again tomorrow. Yikes

Kate said...

I told you that I'd surf your blog to see "the hands!" I think I prefer today's (9/16/09) better than this one, altho the musician's hand here is quite good!