Sunday, August 30, 2009

Les Amouruex

Today is our wedding anniversary so this post is for my darlin'. Back to Gabriola photos tomorrow.


SundaySoup said...

Ahhh..thanks, Snapper! That's definitely a Gabriola photo because it is in our kitchen and I spend a LOT of time in it's "my" Gabriola, for sure!

Mrs. Snapper

P.S. Virginia (and anyone else interested) - read a bit about our cake here:

Eileen said...

Happy anniversary you two. You guys are a great couple. Many happy years to come

Virginia said...

Awwww, I get to be in on the anniversary today! Mrs. Snap, I left you a comment on your blog but it's not showing up. I'll check again in a sec and see if it has. That was one great cake story. I'm still laughing.Snap, you're a lucky man, but I think you already know that.