Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The News From Back East

Way back east. Gabriola to Cape Breton = 46oo kilometers


Virginia said...

Wonder if it ever gets handwritten letters from way back east anymore? Probably not.

PS Love that red!

Clueless in Boston said...

Soon to be a sign of the past.

Angela Robak said...

Do they get The Driftwood delivered, I wonder?

Bob Crowe said...

It's an awful long way from one side of Canada to another. Does one of your neighbors have this up as a joke?

Snapper said...

Bob, these folks live nearby though I don't know them. But my instinct tells me this is just for fun.

SundaySoup said...

I expect it's a "bit of home." Our recycling bins say Nashville Recycles on them. And our firewood carrier says, US Post Office. Don't know how we got that...I mean, we would never have kept it as it's probably a federal offense to keep one of those and we're rule following Canucks here.

Hmmm...just as a point of interest, if you spell it Cannucks with 2 ns, spell check suggests Cannabis as a replacement for Canucks. How ironic.

Mrs. Snapper

Virginia said...

Mrs. Snap,
I'm thinking you might need your own blog. You would fit right in with this goofy blog crowd of ours!!! Come on, you can do it!

PS I'm sure you paid for that USPS bin in many ways here in the states.

My WV is BODLYING - Mine's been lying to me for YEARS!