Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mudge Island Wharf

There is no ferry service or bridge to Mudge Island so its 50 or so residents use this landing on Gabriola to get to the rest of the world when they need to.


Julie said...

Once again, wonderful placement. I love the name, Mudge Island: is that named after someone or is there a verb "to mudge" that I need to learn?

AnneB said...

You used the word "its" correctly! In a blog! Do you know how rare that is?????

Kim said...

I was just over at Jenny's Sharon, CT blog commenting on one of her photos of Mudge Pond. So it's fun that your blog is the next I'm visiting and your post is about Mudge Island!
Whenever we've gone up along the BC coast we've dreamed of living on one of the small mounds of trees that dot the waters. Like this one!
Seattle Daily Photo

Unknown said...

Mudge Island was named by Captain Richards of the HMS Plumper after his Lieutenant William Fitzwilliam Mudge. We Gabriolans called people from Mudge Island "Mudgekins."

Julie said...

*grin* Just terrific!