Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is our neighbour's kitty Calvin. He got his picture in the paper last week and the celebrity must've gone to his head because he went on a catnip binge which resulted in this near catatonic pose. Now he's international via the internet!


Kelly said...

In general, I am not a huge cat fan, but I thought your post was really fun to read, and the photo is very cute.

Isadora said...

My Gigi is in a similar pose, but no catnip. I'm assuming that as welcome as she is anyplace she chooses in my house - she may not be at the home of others and someone must have hit her. She has a limp and lays down even to lick some gravy off her meal. :(

Virginia said...

May I have your "pawtograph"?

Julie said...

I missed this one yesterday. At the outset, I am a cat-tragic!

However, I am simply unable to get anything worthwhile in the way of photographs. They always want to come see what I am doing. Or come sit on my lap. Or come get a head scratch.

I do like this angle. Cats front-on tend to look cross-eyed and mean spirited. This goes really well in BnW.