Monday, October 19, 2009

Tara's Red Door

Remember the food porn raspberries? They came from the garden just beyond this red door.


John said...

Looks like a door off one of those old 1960s refrigerators. Great splash of red.

Virginia said...

J'adore la porte rouge!!!

Bob Crowe said...

I thought it might be an antique Coke machine from the thumbnail. Actually, it's more ambiguous, a good thing.

V. just has to show off her French, doesn't she? At least she knows more than I do.

Kcalpesh said...

@Bob: That was very witty comment calling it an antique coke machine. :-D

Nice shot!

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Virginia said...

Oh Bob, I can only string together about 4 words at best. Today on Paris, I used peau instead of peu. Peau means skin! For the love. Thank goodness Laurent caught it. Lay some Japanese on us.

valeria said...

That looks like a fridge door, very nice!