Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Day Of Climate Action

Today is International Day of Climate Action, a massive, unified initiative which includes over 5200 events worldwide, all of which are aimed at getting our leaders to recognize the need for dramatic change in energy policy. Since cycling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce carbon emissions, today's photo is a bike from the Gabriola Green Bikes Program. This afternoon, I'll be attending an open community meeting/seminar sponsored by Sustainable Gabriola, a group that has come together to begin planning for the island's future. Items on the agenda include health care, food security, water quality and quantity, housing, elder care, transportation, local currency, energy and emergency preparedness. The event is at the opposite end of the island and since burning fossil fuel to get there seems inappropriate today, my wife and I are going to leave our vehicle in the driveway and hitchhike.

There's a lot of gloom and doom in the press these days and that's understandable given the global challenges we as a species are facing. Wanna read something a little more positive? I highly recommend taking five minutes of your day to read this


Virginia said...

The Gab version of Paris' VĂ©lib' system. Great things are happening all over the world today. I knew your place would be right there at the forefront. Bravo!

Christchurch Photo Diary said...

There was a focus on bicycles in Christchurch, New Zealand too. It was one of the events of the International Day of Action on Climate Change. It was called Frocks on Bikes, a fun way to encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transport. (I took some photos...see 24th October)