Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Signage > Curves Ahead

Hand-made street sign on Taylor Bay Road


Bob Crowe said...

I like the fact that the sign is wet. That makes the symbol more slithery, more slug-like. said...

I wonder why someone would make their own sign instead of the highway department doing the proper signage. I enjoy following your blog.

Your ginkgo leaf yesterday was interesting. Ginkgo trees, as I understand them, are evolutionary a rather primitive species because their leaves do not have a central vein with tributaries, but each vein radiates from the same spot at the base of the leaf.

Virginia said...

I read Dave's comments. I like the info on the ginkgo. About the signs. I think the folks on the Gab like doing their own thing, right ? That's what makes it some place to live. :)
How was the soup tonight?

Virginia said...

I meant "some FINE place to live" :)