Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Matters > Island To Island

I know pride is a sin but today, I'm feeling darn proud to be a Gabriolan. Over the weekend, in a matter of 36 hours or so, our community came together and organized a benefit concert for Haiti. And despite the short time frame, it's no slip-shod affair. The acts are lined up, there's already a poster, the tickets are printed and on sale, the hall is booked, the sound team is good to go, donations for a silent auction are overflowing my neighbour's living room and a website was even launched so that online donations may be made. And the Canadian government will match whatever we raise so that's a bonus.

In the face of unthinkable tragedy, it's good to see some light.


Virginia said...

Bravo Gab. You know how to do it. Lordy you folks know how to turn out an "affair" on a moment's notice. Bonne chance!

And might I had a big Bravo to the Canadian government as well. You know what I'm thinking. I won't say it.

John said...

Very often these last minute arrangements turn out to be the best.