Monday, January 11, 2010

Ford Pier

Ford played guitar with the Veda Hille band. Click here to see a slideshow of the concert.

#34 in the Musician's Hands Series


Bob Crowe said...

This is among your best work. The guitarist holds his instrument like a shovel. The image gets to our optic cortex indirectly by textured streaks of white on a void. I like the very shallow DOF, which I'm sure you had to use in this light. The man in the audience at center bottom is barely there.

John said...

With the rolled up sleeves it's almost 'Springsteen' in the way he holds the instrument.

Kim said...

LOVE this shot. I bet you are very pleased with it. May I ask what lens you used on this one? said...

Nice shots!! Good job!!!
Great blog!!!