Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Wheels

One bike, one rain jacket, one backpack, one month. My post on January 1st was about our commitment to the notion of parking our vehicle and undertaking a month of zero-emissions transportation. So this bicycle was how I got around. My wife and I also walked a lot and hitch-hiked a little and we can honestly say that it was no hardship at all. We were able to do everything we needed to do and go everywhere we needed to go without our truck. Will I start driving again tomorrow? You bet. I have an opportunity to trade labor for a load a firewood this week and I'm not about to pass that up. But what we've learned is that we won't be using the vehicle anywhere near as much as we used to. We've enjoyed the challenge and we plan to continue trying to minimize our use of fossil fuel. The fact that we're in better shape than we were thirty days ago is a nice bonus.

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Virginia said...

Bravo to you and J. Glad you didn't have to bike on icy roads, or maybe you did! Keep up the good work. I would love to park my car but unfortunately that's not a possibilty in my city.