Friday, May 22, 2009

Just After Sunrise

The daffodils have come and almost gone and I've been meaning to post this TTV image for a while so here ya go. The sun was barely above the horizon which made for great lighting. The monochrome version is here


Julie said...

Not sure what TTV means but can see the difference from your usual style of image.

The light here sure is special. I really like the way the stem is illuminated.

Bit hesitant about the mono version.

SundaySoup said...

This is one of my favourites. I practically had to break Snapper's arm to get him to post it in colour. The B&W is great, but this is stunning! You'd think by now he'd know that the wife is always right!

Mrs. Snapper

Bob Crowe said...

I like the color version much better. B&W photos of flowers can be extraordinarily beautiful - I think of Mapplethorpe's lilies - but this is all about glorious morning color. Nice work.

Virginia said...

I knew there was some arm twisting going on here. Snap, I think Mrs. S. is absolutely right on this one. I looked at the BW and granted it is lovely but the color wins this round.

Miranda McAfee said...

I have to agree, this image is beautiful in color. The light is warm and inviting. Very nice.