Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cadillac Hydro Shed

I have a tiny house fetish. I own both editions of Lester Walker's book, I pretty much have the Tumbleweed website memorized and I even follow the blog. Gabriola has hundreds of small buildings but this custom-built beauty is my favourite. I stop by and admire it every time I am in its neighbourhood. Check out the door which was designed to echo the curvature of the arbutus tree just in front. Talk about natural symmetry! I photographed it TTV-style to further enhance the storybook proportions. The 8x12 footprint means the structure comes in under 100 sq. ft. and therefore didn't require a building permit but the loft area and big windows combine to make it feel much roomier.

Our house is huge, around 900 sq. ft. which is of course way more space than two people really need but in all honesty, I doubt Mrs. Snapper and I could squeeze into a mini-mansion like this one. But I can dream can't I?

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Virginia said...

This reminds me of a cute little shed my aunt had built for her lawnmower etc. but in the summer she took all that out and I made it into a playhouse. Great fun.

Snap, I've read it but I just don't get this TTV thang. You might have to give me a little heads up in your spare time.