Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Signage > He Is Alive

I come from the buckle of the Bible Belt and back there, church signs are everywhere. So I found this one on the North Road to be quite a contrast to those in the American South, much more subtle and definitely easier on the eye.


Virginia said...

Oh how much do I love that, "from the buckle of the Bible Belt!"? What lovely signage and the light is right up my alley. Thanks, Snap.

Bob Crowe said...

And much more beautiful. There is an organization based here that puts up huge billboards along the highways that just say JESUS. They believe this will generate conversions to their way of thinking. If I had a bunch of money I might put up some that say BUDDHA and see what happens.

Saretta said...

It is a lovely sign, although a bit weather-worn!