Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bob and Davy Bossin

Bob Bossin has been a fixture on the Canadian music scene for 40 years. He founded Stringband back in 1971 and has been going strong ever since. Now son Davy is learning some chords and songs from dad so who knows, maybe there's a 21st century troubadour on the left-hand side of this frame. I photographed them on their back steps down at the South end.

Number 13 in the Musician's Hands series

Leica M3, 50mm Summicron, 1/250s @ f4, Kodak BW400CN


Anonymous said...

nice photo.love this ;)

Virginia said...

I reallly like this one. I'm trying to figure out what is. I'm thinking the jeans and his hand on his knee. Does that make sense?? I am fascinated at how many musicians your island holds. What a treasure.

Julie said...

Shove over, V. That was my thought!!

I reckon the open hand on the knee gives balance to the closed hands. Whatever it is, I love it to bits!!

Saretta said...

Lovely faceless portrait!