Monday, February 23, 2009

Oddshots Monday > Raptor Attractor

What the heck is this? Well, Saturday morning it was a driftwood log piled up on the beach at Berry Point. But by that afternoon it was planted in the ground at the edge of the kitchen garden at The Commons to attract eagles, hawks and owls. Hopefully, they will come by, perch on the top of this pole, scope the grounds and dine on a few of the thousands of voles that have invaded the premises. The fence keeps the deer out but the little creatures are tougher to manage. The experts suggested raptors for vole control so we built it in hopes they'll come.

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PERBS said...

It is odd -- thanks for the explanation. The gardens are a wonderful project for the seniors!

R and J said...

Interesting black-and- white photo!
BTW, we call voles as field mice in Estonia, how here in Sweden I dont know.
We have never been in Canada (the nearest is Seattle I have passed by).
Here in Sweden, in Lapland, there are lot of wetlands too, very beautiful, esp. when fall cololurs are burning...J is from N.-Norway islands, so we have to drive long from Stockholm through Lapland.

Anonymous said...

You must have dug a fair sized hole to steady that pole. Good luck with the rodent control.

Hilda said...

An Odd Shot of a simple (possible) solution. Hope it works!

raf said...

Not so odd as hopeful, i would say. Interesting idea. Hope it works!
Would also be great for anyone there interested in photographing raptors. :)

Babooshka said...

I will prefer to draw my own conclusions from my over active imagination, but odd most definitely