Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frosty Chard

I am learning to grow food. Back in Tennessee, one of my nicknames was Black Thumb so it's not a natural skill for me. When I was in college, I tried to grow some pot but even that died and cannabis is a weed for crying out loud. So I'm doing the best I can here. Which is pretty good actually thanks to all the help I've gotten from my neighbours. Many of my friends here are excellent gardeners and they've been passing on their knowledge to the benefit of the Snapper family table. We ate a lot of stuff I grew last year and this year our larder promises to be even fuller. I am very grateful since there is absolutely no better food than that you've raised yourself.


Virginia said...

How in the Sam hill does a Tennessee boy not know how to grow stuff? Can't grow pot is even better!!! HA
Nice frosty shot Snap.

Marie-Noyale said...

Nice to read that you grew out of "growing weeds" to something more substantial!!!!
Looks like sand in the background?..

Fredrik said...

So vibrant! Excellent work!

Babooshka said...

There are only a handful of dailies where I can evisage the phrase about cultivating cannabis and one of thosse would be mine. Crisp clean colourful image as food should be.

Blognote said...

Very good work indeed!!
Growing your own food is the best thing to dd, at least you know what you are eating!