Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss Chard #2

Well, here is the last photo of the colour challenge. Thanks to those of you who followed along and kept me going with your comments and dialogue. It's been interesting and fun but I have to say I'm looking forward to returning to my comfort zone. Cheers!


Virginia said...

Now that's a great shot. Look at you doing your color "thing"! I thought it was rhubarb but see by your title it's Swiss chard. What would an Alabama girl know about either one! Love the sun coming through the leaves. Don't think this would work in BW at all, but maybe you could work your magic on it. I have enjoyed the dialogue as well. Made me rethink some options.

Julie said...

Yes, the sun coming through adds to the brilliance of the two tones and also to the texture of the leaves.

Thank you for undertaking this exercise, Snapper. I have learnt much and have been experimenting all week. My eye matures all the time.

I have also enjoyed the dialogue.

Blognote said...

Yes, this is really a great shot!! Colours, texture...all perfectly in place! Well done.