Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Cameras On The Water

I spent four hours in an open boat today and I don't think my feet have ever been that cold. Only now has the feeling in my toes begun to come back. But it was worth it. I was working with a volunteer organization called Help The Kelp and this afternoon, we began replanting kelp which has been disappearing from Gabriola waters since the mid 1990s. With any luck at all, the spores we put down today will begin producing new, healthy kelp beds by the summer. The woman holding the point and shoot is a biologist who is assisting our project and she was photographing a television journalist in the other boat who was photographing us. Lenses everywhere!


Leif Hagen said...

You captured her capturing the others well! Here's a friendly yelp for "Help the Kelp!"

Virginia said...

I'm amazed the kelp would survive in the cold water at this time of year but what do I know about kelp OR cold water!!! :) l love the threefer we got today.