Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Signage > Slow Down

To say that the pace of life here is slow would be an understatement. Think glacial. Or molasses in January. Or maybe Mayberry. It's pretty darn idyllic but there's one odd thing. A lot of Gabriolans drive like maniacs. There are plenty of good reasons to take it easy: Deer, kids, seniors out for a stroll, bicyclists...but still the racers race. The RCMP seems to take a laissez-faire approach to enforcing the speed limits so a number of residents have taken the matter into their own hands by erecting homemade signs like this one in my neighbourhood.


Snapshutter said...

Sometimes you have to take things into you own hands. I'd like to add a poster to the stop sign down the corner saying 'Stop means Stop, no slow down!"

Virginia said...

You'd have to slow wayyyy down to read that sign! May grandmother would say, "Slow as Christmas!"HA

Kitty said...

glacial sounds so nice to me.
I can imagine you'd do a lot of gardening and walking in the woods.