Friday, September 4, 2009

Skywatch Friday #38

We saw Winged Migration at The Roxy last night and this evening, everyone's favourite venue is in concert mode so we'll be back there again. Thanks to Stevie B for creating the coolest place I know.

Global HQ for Skywatch is here


Amanda said...

really neat photo! I love the wispy clouds in the background and the shape of the letters really makes the lines of the picture stand out!

SundaySoup said...

Love the pic. This looks really cool (just for the record, Snapper doesn't usually show me his blog posts in advance so I can be surprised!)

Oh, and by the way, when Snapper says The Roxy will be in concert mode tonight and we'll be there, it's because it's HIS concert. If you live on the island (or have your own private plane and can hop on over), we hope to see you there tonight! It's gonna be fun. And since it's billed as a "kitchen concert" (i.e. the music Snapper plays around the kitchen table while I'm cooking) there might even be cookies.

Mrs. Snapper

Louise said...

I like those clouds above the Roxy.

Virginia said...

Well DAMNATION! I want to be there for Snap's concert and your cookies. I wish we lived closer. SIGH


Powell River Books said...

Looks like a fun place. We have the historic Patricia Theatre here in Powell River that has both movies and events. Plus the interior is like stepping back in time. - Margy