Thursday, January 1, 2009

Global Theme Day > Best of 2008

Today, city photo bloggers around the world are asked to pick their their best image from 2008 and this is mine. I chose it because...

1. The person in the photo is the love of my life, Mrs. Snapper
2. It was taken at one of my favourite places on Gabriola, the Enchanted Forest
3. It was made with my favourite camera
4. It was inspired by an image that led me to take up photography in the first place, the iconic 1946 masterpiece, The Walk To Paradise Garden by W. Eugene Smith

If you're interested, you can see a couple of other '08 favourites here and here.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

And speaking of all participants, there are some very talented photographers in this global project and the real fun for me has been the daily inspiration that seeing their work provides. I have chosen some Best of 2008 images from around the planet and you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes going through these links. You will be rewarded with a world class photo with each and every click. Note that these are my faves, not necessarily the same ones these photographers have chosen for today. Enjoy!

Arona by Diederick

Avignon by Nathalie

Bangkok by Bangkoknik

Birmingham by Virginia

Buenos Aires by Gulminelli

Izmir by Selim

Menton by Jilly

New Orleans by Steve

Port Townsend by Raf

Ramsey by Babooshka

Reykjavik by Virgile

Saint Louis by Bob

Salt Lake City by Eric

Sofia by Antonia

South Pasadena by Laurie

Trieste by Rob

Verona by Valeria

Victoria by Benjamin

Ystad by Fredrik

I'd like to thank Eric of Paris who started all of this long before I joined in. Eric, I couldn't figure out how to link to an image on your blog but my favourite is the photo you posted on February 14th, Valentines Day. Cheers!

Lastly, there's a new profile pic for this year and starting today, I'm posting the images larger for easier viewing. My most sincere thanks to everyone who has visited this blog and especially to those who have taken the time to leave an encouraging comment. Happy new year!


Julie said...

What a terrific series of links you have provided us today, Snapper. So many talented photographers out there to take inspiration from. You have given me a couple of new ones to visit as well.

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

Very nice work. All the elements coming together. So nice that it is personal as well. I posted my fav pic of my son today after one of our favorite hikes. Happy New Year!

Nathalie said...

Your photo today is a beauty - it works around light and contrasts in a way that completely speaks to me.

Thanks also for the link, not only to my blog (I'm flattered) but to the others also. I followed them all and enjoyed them all. Some great picks in there !!!

valeria said...

I could copy and paste Nathalie's comment...
This is definitely, the very first present and the very first surprise I received in 2009!
Thank you Snapper!

Virginia said...

Oh Snap. I am so touched. Your encouragement and feedback this year have been so very helpful but getting to know you has been even more so. Thank you for including me in this wonderful list of photographers. I too found some new blogs to frequent. May we all continue to learn from and help each other.

This photo today is such a lovely tribute to your wife. I imagine it was a difficult task to choose one as your best because there are too many to count. I look forward to more of your photographs in the coming year.
Thank you my friend,

Mo said...

I love this photo. Very emotional. I love your selction of other bloggers best. Although they all selected differently to you, I must say I agree with your choices. You've spent a huge amount of time doing this. Well done.

Celine said...

Excellent photo, and a great choice for the theme day. Happy new year!

PJ said...

I knew exactly what photograph you were referring to before I saw it. It's one of my all time favorites from "The Family of Man". I had that book all my growing up years and it influenced me in incalculable ways. Bravo and Happy New Year!

USelaine said...

I too instantly thought of the Smith photograph, although I didn't know who produced it. When I was in high school, some art students produced it as a mural on one of the front walls of the school.

Great choices all around! Happy 2009!

Lynette said...

Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

Thank you for sharing your reasons for picking this photo.

Marie-Noyale said...

A beautiful shot and knowing the reasons of your choice makes it even more interesting!
I've found your pictures inspiring through the year and when I lack inspiration I often visit your blog.
Thank you.
I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

Bob Crowe said...

You seem to have found your forest paradise. Good for you in fulfilling a dream and having the talent to share it with the rest of us, as in this image. I admire the clarity and stillness of your work, perhaps because I sometimes run so far in the other direction. I admire the simplicity of your technique, perhaps because my little home office looks like the computer and photo department of Toys R Us.

Thank you also for including me in such august company. I haven't seen some of these blogs - the consequence of a very un-simple life - but I looked at all of them you cited today with pleasure. And you're right: I'd never have chosen the picture of mine you linked to today. It reminds me how subjective the appreciation of photography is. An old song from around my early 20s had the line, "you can't please everyone so you might as well please yourself." Let's keep doing that.

Best wishes to you and Mrs. S. for a happy 2009. Looking forward to seeing your work in the new year.

gogouci said...

Beautiful choice for wonderful reasons.

babooshka said...

I am deeply honoured to be in such wonderful company. The image of mine you chose has always been one I like more than the pretty pretty ones, but not to everyone's taste. Your own image with the dedicataion to Mrs Snapper just floored me and for that it is the perfect choice although you have so many on a daily basis. An image I recall of yours was the stocking and killer heels. Very Noir,very classy and nailed it for me you are a photographer's photographer. Best wishes to you and Mrs Snapper for 2009.

Jilly said...

What a beautiful photograph. I love the photo, of course, but also your reasons - a great way of choosing a photograph.

And how generous of you to choose photos from other blogs. I confess, with my two blogs, I didn't give my choices enough (almost none) thought this year because in the middle I suddenly adopted two needy dogs. Obviously this is something to be planned and next year I'll plan it. I really liked your choice for Menton and since reading your words, have found one I like even more - a black and white of a waiter outside a bar. Much to be learned from this! Thankyou. More time next year, Snapper and again thankyou so much for your kind words and encouragement.

Looking forward to more great pics next year - whoops, I mean this year and wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.

Laurie said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm so touched that you liked my farmer's market picture -- it's one of my personal favorites. Thank you.

And as for this shot... you know, I love it more than the Smith original that inspired you. This is exquisite work, and only one great shot of so very many. I am inspired by your work. Here's to a beautiful, prosperous, happy and peaceful 2009. Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

Oh, and I must thank you for all the links to so many incredible photographers. I found some new treasures today.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks for the great photo, and the links, have a fantastic 2009!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Antonia said...

Magnificent picture with magical atmosphere!
Happy and Successful New Year to you and your wife, and many, many photo opportunities!

Ruby said...

It really does look like an enchanted forest - I love it!

Steve Buser said...

A very rich tapestry of leaves and full of emotion.

slim said...

I remember seeing this photo on the portal and making the connection to the iconic Smith photo. What makes this special is the accompanying story that goes with it . . . well done. I, too, discovered some new blogs through your tribute list . . . what a wonderful thing to do; thank you for sharing.

Eric Salsbery said...

Thank you.
My name in your list means alot to me. thank you.

raf said...

Yours is one of those sites I come to and learn, as well as enjoy, so I was pleasantly surprised and honored that you included my link and photo in your list. Some of those I have followed too and the others I'm glad to learn about. Thank you for all!

Your image today is a great choice and I especially like the added reasons with links. Lovely post for theme day, Snapper! I admire your exceptional camera work and the simplicity that you bring to your blog. Looking forward to many visits in the new year to Gabriola.

All the best to you and Mrs. Snapper in 2009!

Steve Buser said...

Thanks for the link. I returned the favor signing up as a follower of your blog on my dashboard. As soon as I can figure out how to control the landscape on my blog I want to get that list on the blog page.