Sunday, June 29, 2008

Square Foot Gardening

Mel would be proud. The annual Gabriola Home and Garden Tour is today and speaking of gardening, the number one best-selling book in BC at the moment is THE GARDEN THAT YOU ARE by Gabriola's own Katherine Gordon.


Strangetastes said...

Thanks very much for your comment today. There is a place where you can see a large collection of my Arch photos. Check

There are so many CDPBs not it's hard to keep track and notice new ones. I enjoy your simple style. You should have saved that road sign for theme day - do you know about that yet? My favorite of your photos so far is Moving House. It's dramatic and has a unique POV.

Where is Gabriola? The "View" post makes me guess it's on the road between Vancouver and Whistler or perhaps beyond.

Chris said...

Hey, Snapper! Thanks for visiting Nashville Daily the other day. How did you end up in BC? We've been to Victoria and would like to visit more of the province.

I do like your style, too. LOVE the road sign! ROTFLOL

Apologies for not posting a lot of comments, lately. . . .under a lot of stress which should resolve itself tomorrow (HOPEFULLY). Thanks for understanding.

Steve Buser said...

Looks to be a slightly larger than a square foot, but the point is well taken. The book sounds like something I would like to get into one dark night.

Thanks for you kind comments on New Orleans Daily Photo

Julie said...

This square foot gardening sounds a bit too organised for my liking. I suspect that I do not garden to actually grow things. It is more the process than any thing for me.

Each his own I guess ...