Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving House

Here's something you don't see just every day, a full-sized house rolling down your street at 11pm! Made for a bit of excitement last night. Our new neighbours had it barged across the Georgia Strait from Nanaimo and onto Gabriola via giant tractor trailer. And let me just tell you that the fellow who drove the rig definitely earned his paycheque. Our real estate agent told us that he thought our house got here the same way 40 years ago.


Rita Bunch said...

Hello there! Your wife gave me your blog website, and I'm so glad I stopped by. Gabriola looks like an amazing place! I'm from western Wyoming (Star Valley, near Jackson Hole), and I was raised to believe that there was no place as pretty as my hometown. As I've grown older and done a little traveling, I've learned that there are SO many gorgeous places in this beautiful world. Especially in the West! Thanks for sharing pictures of Gabriola. I'll pass a few photos of Star Valley along to your wife.

Kim said...

Cool capture!
Welcome to the CDPB community! It's nice to see another Pacific Northwesterner joing the ranks! Your shots are wonderful and I hope to visit often to see more. Have fun with this adventure!
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Z said...

Wow, that is impressive and I'm in awe of the drivers.

In Switzerland most of the construction used to be brick and concrete until recently. In the last decade though, there's been a resurfacing of an interest in wood construction, specifically pre-fab elements made of wood. In these houses (about 20% of all construction perhaps) the basement is still concrete, but the above-ground parts are wood-component walls that are made in a workshop, complete with in-wall wiring and ductwork, huge amounts of insulation and even windows and doors installed and caulked for the best tightness. These walls are then stacked onto a truck and driven to the site where they're installed with a crane. Haven't seen one of these in person, but when I do, I'm going to take photos and put them on my blog!

Thanks for your visits and your comment on my blog! See you soon!

Lynette said...

What a great photo!

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Caitlin said...

My Grandparents had a house moved on Gabriola from one property to another not too long ago...