Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ABC Wednesday > H is for Hydrant

Global ABC


Chubskulit Rose said...

They're pretty when newly painted.

Haghpat Monastery, Armenia
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


And a Handsome one it is too! Love the bright red.

Tamera said...

That's a nice spot of color!

Roger Owen Green said...

I can see THAT one!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ann said...

My hubby being a retired fireman/paramedic always notices the fire hydrants everywhere we go. This one is VERY bright.

Leslie: said...

There was a truck that came from the USA all the way into our little cul de sac, running over our hydrant in the process. The driver was lost, but how on earth he ended up here, we'll never know!

abcw team

Joy said...

We rarely see these in the UK so always a novelty when abroad to take photos of them.