Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fishnets and Gumboots

Today is the three year anniversary of Gabriola Daily Photo so if you're on the island, please join me this evening at The Roxy for my annual slideshow. I'll project all of the past year's images and then, if folks are into it, I'll show the first two years as well. The soundtrack will be local instrumental music and admission is free. Donations are welcome and all proceeds will go to benefit People for a Healthy Community (PHC). Hope to see you there.


roentarre said...

This image is so interesting. A lot of sassy feel from it

Steffe said...

What a great idea, I hope you will have a fun evening, congrats to three years of blogging. Oh, and you can never go wrong with fishnets.

Julie said...

Pfft to the fishnets. It's the knobbly knees that seal the deal for me!

Virginia said...

I"m so glad i stopped by tonight and saw this. You know the "fishnets" have always been a fav of mine! :)
I"d dearly love to sit at the Roxy and soak up a year's worth of your stuff V.