Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Salmon Are Sacred

Commercial salmon farming has a hugely negative impact on wild fish stock on the British Columbia coast. Alexandra Morton has made it her life's work to bring attention to this government-endorsed activity and she's walking the length of Vancouver Island all the way to Victoria to challenge the politicos to do the right thing and put a stop to it. She came to Gabriola this afternoon and was met at the ferry terminal by a large and enthusiastic crowd, almost all of whom were wearing funny hats, yours truly included. We all walked up the hill to Agi Hall where Ms. Morton gave an inspiring talk to thunderous applause. And tomorrow morning there's a parade complete with marching band and all the kids from the elementary school. Good old fashioned activism is very much alive and well here on Gabriola.

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Virginia said...

Thank goodness for that. And I might add that I'd love to see YOUR funny , goofy chapeau V!