Thursday, November 12, 2009


When one thinks of British Columbia's Gulf Islands, pink plastic flamingos are not the first thing that comes to mind. But they're here if you know where to look.


SundaySoup said...

Of course, in black and white it could be any colour. Actually, I think here in BC I've only seen blue flamingoes - frozen, you know...

-Mrs. Snapper

John said...

Better in b&w, I would agree that pink plastic is a little Kitsch.

Virginia said...

Oh I knew it. You have now even made a tacky pink
(or blue) plastic flamingo look like "art". Damnation !
V jr.

Big Steve said...

Dear Mr. Anthony,

My name is Robert Elder and I represent a group of clients heretofore known as The Pinks. I am enjoined to write this cease and desist letter on behalf of my clients and to sue you for egregious defamation of character. In the above mentioned depiction, you show my clients in a manner which strips them of their essential "pinkness", and renders them as colorless entities. Also, to so emphasize their swan neck deformities is to show insensitivity well beyond what we expect from you foreigners. We appreciate your swift action in regard to this matter.


Robert Elder, Esq.
The Association of People With No Sense of Humor (TAPWNSH)