Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stevie B's New Old Bike

Regular visitors to GDP know I'm a big fan of the bicycle but my buddy Stevie B has me beat. Get this: He didn't even get his first driver's license until he was 50! He grew up in Toronto and used a bike for his only personal transportation for most of his adult life.

So he just bought this beautiful old Fuji touring bike on eBay and we've converted it to a sort of city bike with upright handlebars instead of the drops it came with and I've loaned him my honey gold Brooks B-17 saddle. He's had the matching grips laying around for 20-odd years just waiting for the right project. It's an all together beautiful machine.

Bike geeks may click here for a peek at the ultracool vintage headbadge.


Blognote said...

That is a beautiful bike, Snapper!!
I am a bike-maniac as well, although I go around on an old 1950-ies English Raleigh bike!

Kcalpesh said...

I like bikes too... This one looks cool!

Virginia said...

Well "I'm not a bike maniac anymore but I can certainly appreciate Stevie B's. And i think that fine seat just makes it too!

Babooshka said...

I still can't drive, never had a lesson, but have flown a plane. I can still ride a bike too. Bikes are just the bess kness for a photo subject.